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How long can you endure the faults of love?

~~Inspired by True Events~~

A trio of emotions between three vulnerable individuals, who use one another in ways that lead to enticing differences.

Oscar Singh, the motor-head mechanic, is a seeker for love in all the wrong places. As his twisted emotions enthrall him, he battles with his thoughts and feelings for other means. The irresistible, Dexter Lee, mix up with his best friend, as he can’t get enough of him within nearness. The social media diva, Ava Garza, struggles with her family obstacles and bipolar temperaments.

As deep-rooted as their personal lives are, the closer they intertwine, the worse their lives become. Leaving nothing left behind.

A drama filled tale of pain, love, sex, and misfortune. Love Under Fault Lines, gives a succulent and emotional scope of the trails of human emotions.

How complicated is your love?

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