A trio of emotions between three vulnerable individuals, who use one another in ways that lead to enticing differences. A drama filled tale of pain, love, sex, and misfortune. Love Under Fault Lines, gives a succulent and emotional scope of the trails of human emotions.

A drama filled, bisexual undertone, urban fiction.

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Disclaimer: This book is a drama filled book with erotica scenes. Not for kids! 


Debut Book

If you love the sci-fi of Guardians of the Galaxy, then you will love Part 1 and trilogy of this amazing journey.

What could possible get misconstrued?

Osana, a malicious king from Zaire, is told that his will to live has run its course. What can he do to survive as time is running out?

Kavon Newman, a 4-year-old boy, is stripped of his childhood. He is put through "changes in his veins" beyond human control as long as Osana is involved.

Desmon Newman, father of Kavon, struggles with his mothers behavior as no one understands how heavy his emotions are; as this causes a rift between his brother and sister.

The Newman family goes through ups and downs, with many twist and turns between each other and Kavon’s condition.

The frightful evening will decide the fate of Osana and Kavon, as bloody tensions rise until there is only one creature standing.

Did you catch all the lies?

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