Author Bio

Marcus J King, a new face in a world of deception and drama. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia (Hampton Roads area); Currently living in Austin, Texas as he continues his journey with many books to come.  
    Mr. King started writing in six grade, formally Hunt-Mapp Middle School in 1997. After giving up Power Ranger toys and grounded for excessively playing video games, the craft came alive. In that moment, he found his love for imagination and freely allowing his thoughts to erupt on paper.  
    Further, he had no entertainment for fun and freedom with limited friends in 1997. He struggled with bullying for being different. He turned to writing as his way of escaping to a bigger world while dealing with society. After Hunt-Mapp Middle School, he moved to Churchland, Virginia. He continued his education at Churchland Middle School where he meet with many friends for inspiration. 
    After graduating from Churchland High School, he took a break from going to college to focus on what he wanted to do with his life. Struggling with hardships and difficulties with friends and family, he decided to take hold of his destiny. He aimed for his career in writing with Southern New Hampshire University for his Screenwriting and Fiction Writing Degree. While studying for his degree, he created a small episodic series on YouTube called KRETV (Keeping it Real Entertainment), where he played 4 different characters, portraying characters of a later book to come. He also started a blog to showcase his poems and his art for writing ( 
    Having held 8 management roles with 8 different companies, he has secured his life with the love of the pen and many experiences to follow as a self-published author. He writes fiction books (fantasy drama; drama; romance; gay drama); screenwriting, poems, and memoirs. 
    With his debut novel, Changes in His Veins, he is delighted to give the world his passion for drama filled stories without holding anything back.

His second installment, Love Under Fault Lines, comes from a deep love and understanding of the time we live in, with secret lives, while dealing with family drama. Love Under Fault Lines is a refreshing, yet emotional take on love and sex with a strong bisexual tone and pace. It is poetic and drama filed to say the least.